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…breakages force modification to cable – Dr Luncheon Suffering from extensive delays, the Guyana Government e-governance project, where it has begun stringing a fiber optic cable from Brazil to land in Georgetown, has had to be modified.This is according to Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr Roger Luncheon, who on Tuesday last told media operatives that the modification to the design of the cable was necessitated in order to ensure the integrity of the cable.He explained by stating that the view is that 10 kilometres (km) lengths of the reels of cable were probably too long to ensure the integrity at minimal risk, hence shorter lengths are now being utlised in some sections.He said that the project has now started to utilise 4km lengths, specifically in areas where the 10km lengths have been exposed to damage and breakages.Dr Luncheon said that where the 10km lengths are intact and integrity tested, those will remain in place, but in other areas where there is a sustained basis for thinking that a shorter length would be easier to secure and maintain its integrity, those are being switched out.Dr Luncheon said that as it relates to the stations that are conceived and being developed to propagate signals in specific areas, work has gone a very far way in establishing them. He said that the administration is also looking to have them be provided with the necessary paraphernalia that they need and have them ready and waiting to enter into service.With the project already two years behind schedule, Dr Luncheon said that the administration is looking to have the project wrapped up this year.The E-Government Project consists of the setting up of a Data Centre, a transmission network and the data network. The Data Centre, or control centre, is being housed in the compound of Castellani House, in the same building that is used for the Central Intelligence Agency.The Transmission Network stretches from Moleson Creek on the Corentyne Coast to Charity on the Essequibo Coast. The cable runs from Lethem in the Rupununi through Linden to Georgetown.It consists of a fibre network and microwave network. Fibre will be available from Lethem to Georgetown,China Jerseys, Moleson Creek to Parika, while microwave will be available from Moleson Creek to Charity. From Parika to Moleson Creek, the network allows a fallover from fibre to microwave for all sites.By way of the access network, all major Government facilities in the coverage areas will be connected via fibre and/or 4G wireless Cellular services.According to handouts provided to the media, approximately all major Government agencies and offices are within the coverage area. The Project team said the network is designed to be easily extendable and will provide a range of services such as “E-Health” allowing for video consultation, movement of information from one health centre to another and tracking disease outbreaks.Regarding security,Authentic NFL Jerseys From China, the project would allow quick transmission of information including video and data between police stations.In education, the project would set up an “E-library” which would allow for access to textbooks and other teaching aids that can be used by students and schools,NFL Jerseys China, thereby lowering cost.Poor families who cannot pay for the internet would be hooked up to the internet at community centres in various areas, such as in the hinterland.The project came about following an audit which showed that the government’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure was weak.In 2009,Wholesale Jerseys 2018, the Government signed an agreement with China’s Huawei Technologies Ltd, which advanced the project.Through the E-Government project, the government is seeking to enhance the Government services offered to the populace,China Jerseys For Sale, but also radically transform the ICT infrastructure of Guyana and bring it more on par with the rest of the Caribbean.The project team said that over the course of the project several changes were made. The biggest of these were switching from WiMax and EVDO technologies to LTE-Advanced and using a modular data centre approach over the traditional data centre.The infrastructure will be using Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology to provide a robust and easily scalable backbone network. The system is designed for 10 years use before upgrades are required. This is the primary link connecting Guyana, through Brazil, to the internet.The project will then deploy Fibre and LTE Advanced cellular sites to provide access for users in the major population centres. It is estimated that all major Government offices and institutions will be within the coverage area serving an estimate 40,000 to 60,Jerseys NFL Wholesale,000 households.

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