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City Mayor Hamilton Green has instructed that a thorough investigation be launched into the role the City Constabulary played in the apprehension of a young man who has since been jailed for 10 months.The Mayor’s directive stemmed from his concerns that another social derelict would now be forced to accommodate the overcrowded prison.According to reports, the young man, who is said to be a labourer, had sold an item to a vendor who denied the labourer payment.The labourer, as a result,NFL Jerseys China, decided to derive a strategy which he anticipated would have ensured he was paid.However that strategy merely saw him being apprehended and taken before the court as it was alleged that he had stolen money from the said vendor.The young man is nevertheless adamant that it was an officer of the constabulary,NFL Jerseys Supply, who assisted with his apprehension,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, carried out the unlawful deed.“I am concerned about the story about the young man for two reasons: because our prisons seem infested with young men who ought not to be there in a properly run democratic society where justice is evenly dispensed; has as happened so often for years there is much more in the mortar than in the pestle.”It was against this background Mayor Green said that he has asked the Chief Constable,Cheap Jerseys Outlet, Gail George,Wholesale NBA Jerseys China, to give a full and detailed report of the role that the constabulary played in apprehending the young man.“On the face of the story one has to look at justice beyond the niceties of the law and the ramification of a legal system.From all accounts,Cheap Jerseys Store, here is a young man who sold something to a man who is not without means and apparently without contact.“He (the labourer) tried in his own, perhaps improper, way to recover the money promised to him. He ends up in prison to serve a term and to further widen the gap that exists in our society and perhaps in some way, to impose upon our society a young man who feels that there is no justice that he can get and go the way of all people who felt they can get no justice and take the law into their own hands.”The City Mayor is warning that “unless we can see these things in a wider context, we are failing as leaders to look at the fundamental question which is affecting our society…That is the legal structure of our society.”The mayor expressed optimism that lawyers themselves will also take up an interest in the matter, as he has, in order to ensure that there is no repeat.

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