crian047s Advanced Electron Forum <![CDATA[Cheap Jerseys Outlet 26]]> Nike NFL Jerseys China, was allegedly shot at point blank range with a shotgun last Friday and buried in a shallow grave in the Moco Moco Creek in the Kanuku Mountains, several miles from Lethem.Police discovered this camp while searching for the shallow grave.Police digging up the shallow grave in which the body of Brazilian Armando Da Silva was buried. A Guyanese,Wholesale Jerseys, Wycliff Smith, who reportedly boasted about killing the Brazilian,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, has been taken into custody.   The police in a press release stated that on Saturday, acting on information that a man who was imbibing at the village of Moco Moco, was boasting of having murdered a man and burying the body, the police went to the village and arrested him.Subsequent investigations led to the arrest of two Brazilians in the same village. They were found to be in possession of a quantity of marijuana,NFL Jerseys Authentic Cheap, and one of whom claimed that the suspect had killed his brother.Further enquiries and with the assistance of an interpreter, the police travelled to the mountains where they conducted a search. During the search the body of Brazilian Armando Da Silva, 26, who was the brother of one of the Brazilians arrested, was found in a shallow grave.The police said that a field of about one acre in size with approximately 2,000 marijuana plants ranging in height from two feet to six feet, and a camp, were found by the police. A man who is the brother of the murder suspect was also arrested.Investigators are convinced that all the men were part of the same gang that was involved in the cultivation of marijuana in the Moco Moco area.Da Silva’s body was brought to Lethem and it was found to have sustained pellet wounds to the chest.Yesterday a team of investigators from the Lethem Police Station returned to the area to search for the murder weapon. Divisional Commander David Ramnarine told this newspaper that the suspect is silent, when asked if the man has indicated why the killing occurred.“He seems to be a hard nut. There is still quite a lot of work to be done,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,” Assistant Commissioner Ramnarine said. He joined residents of the Rupununi in commending the ranks on a job well done. He also pointed to the assistance given to his ranks by the Toshao, a media operative and other persons in the area.Alleged killer Wycliff Smith“I have always gone on record whenever the opportunity presented itself to give credit where it is due. It was painstaking work given the terrain. It brings out a clear message that if there is cooperation for a common good,Cheap Jerseys Supply, a lot can be achieved,” Commander Ramnarine stated.Residents described the suspect, who was wanted by the police for drug trafficking and other offences, as dangerous and expressed relief at his capture.]]> Mon, 18 Dec 2017 06:44:18 GMT <![CDATA[Wholesale NFL Jerseys USA bank statements]]> Cheap Jerseys From China, Mr. Beckerman again raised the issue of the confidentiality clause. And again Mr Sullivan made it clear that his clients are not interested in any such clause during the duration of the trial.On Thursday, too, both sides decided on various disclosures.New GPC had already submitted to the court a claim as though it had already proved its case.But in a preliminary ruling, Judge Joan Kenney, pointed out that New GPC argues that it satisfied the elements of libel per se, and that KNI failed to assert the truth of its statements as an affirmative defense, thereby precluding KNI from raising this defense.But KNI counters that New GPC must satisfy its burden of proving the falsity of the alleged defamatory statements, because KNI is a media defendant that made statements of public concern, and that New GPC fails to make a prima facie showing on this element of its claim.New GPC submitted the affidavit of its former Corporate Secretary, Paul Stanislaus Braam, who claims that the statements published by KNI are “false, fictitious and misleading.”Braam claimed that New GPC paid less than the amounts claimed by KNI. He identified specific prices that New GPC allegedly paid for certain pharmaceutical products that are significantly less than the prices paid by the Guyanese government, as reported in KNI’s articles.The Judge noted, “However, Braam fails to submit any documentary evidence substantiating Braam’s conclusory statements. For instance, New GPC fails to submit invoices, bank statements, or evidence of prevailing market rates for the pharmaceuticals,NFL Jerseys Outlet, to support the conclusion that KNI’s statements were false.“Nor does New GPC make any showing of gross irresponsibility concerning KNI’s published statements,” Judge Kenney noted. “Accordingly, New GPC fails to make a prima facie showing,Wholesale China Jerseys,” she added.The judge said that the defamatory statements alleged by New GPC do not constitute “mere gossip” and they are not “directed only to a limited, private audience,” which would support the conclusion that they involve a “purely private concern.”“Rather, the statements involve New GPC’s alleged collusion with the Guyanese government,Cheap NFL Jerseys, and the use of “taxpayer” funds to subsidize New GPC’s alleged price-gouging scheme thereby clearly relating to matters of “political, social, or other concern of the community.” The matter dealt “with a subject of public business and concern,” where it involved “ State funds.“Contrary to New GPC’s assertion, the public concern is not limited to the foreign country of Guyana, as New GPC affirmatively alleges that KNI’s New York publication targets “the Guyanese immigrant community in New York” thereby receiving “public attention because its ramifications will be felt by persons who are not direct participants.” “Thus, as the alleged defamatory statements are a matter of public concern, particularly for Guyanese nationals residing in New York,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, New GPC was required to make a prima facie showing of gross irresponsibility resulting in a defamatory falsity.”On Thursday both sides called for disclosures. Kaieteur News is to provide its various sources to support its claim against New GPC.And New GPC is to supply its various invoices,Wholesale NFL Jerseys 2018, bank statements, contracts with the Guyana Government and accounts of the various drug transactions it made with the Guyana Government.These are to be provided by January 20.]]> Mon, 18 Dec 2017 03:29:52 GMT <![CDATA[Cheap NFL Jerseys China who are in their twenties]]> cheap nfl jerseys elite, and Anthony Reginald,NFL Jerseys From China, known as ‘Tupac’.The official said that Morgan is suspected to be one of the people who transported the gang during the torching of the Ministry of Health buildings, the arson attempt at the Supreme Court and the attacks on the Brickdam Police Station and East Ruimveldt Outpost.The 2009 attacks culminated in the kidnapping of gold miner Wodette Roberts called ‘Buckman’, who subsequently died from suffocation.Both men, who are in their twenties, are likely to face several charges,Cheap Jerseys From China, including murder and arson.Kaieteur News was told that they have admitted to participating in the gang’s 2009 activities.Several persons have now been charged in connection with what has been deemed to be attacks against the state.They include alleged gunman, Colin Jones,Cheap Jerseys, and his 17-year-old brother; a woman who allegedly cooked for the gang, and three members of an Amelia’s Ward, Linden family.Colin Jones was charged shortly after leading police to two shallow graves that contained the bodies of gang members Kurt Thierens and Adriano Tracey.The Guyana Police Force has reportedly asked the International Criminal Police Organisation (INTERPOL) to help track down ex- GDF lieutenant George Lashley and Keith Ferrier. The two men are said to be the brains behind the gang.Lashley is believed to be in the United States,Jerseys From China, while Ferrier,Cheap Stitched MLB Jerseys, called ‘General’ is also believed to be overseas.The ex-soldier is said to be around 60, and also resided at Lot 187 Freeman Street, East La Penitence.]]> Mon, 18 Dec 2017 03:28:48 GMT <![CDATA[Cheap NFL Jerseys 44wi415f]]> Cheap NFL Jerseys China, some 20 miles from Matthew’s Ridge in the North West District.Details of the accident are sketchy,Cheap Jerseys From China, but sources in Matthew’s Ridge told this newspaper that Battice,Cheap World Cup Jerseys 2018, who hails from Non Pareil on the East Coast of Demerara,Cheap NFL Jerseys, died before he could receive medical attention.Relatives could not provide any information,Wholesale China Jerseys, except to say that they received a message early yesterday morning that Battice had died in an accident.]]> Mon, 18 Dec 2017 03:27:58 GMT <![CDATA[Hockey Jerseys 2018 Cheap Essequibo Coast]]> Wholesale Jerseys From China, Geeta Persaud, Narindra Persaud and Satesh Rajkumarie, along with another child.Alan Gildarie, a Port Kaituma resident, yesterday told Kaieteur News that he was in the bus with his wife,NFL Jerseys 2018, Claire Daniels and their two-year-old son, Alex, when the accident occurred.“We were going to the hospital (Suddie) to see my father so we catch the bus which was empty. The driver drive through another street to collect more passengers and when it go out back on the main road with a full load,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the car swerve into our path,” the elder Gildarie said.Gildarie, who suffered two broken legs,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, said that people had to assist him to get out of the bus after the accident.His wife is in a stable condition in the hospital. Their two-year-old son also suffered two broken legs along with abrasions to his skin.The driver of the minibus, Vincent Persaud, was at that time still in the theatre.On Sunday last,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, one woman was killed and several others were injured after a bus and a car collided at Lima, Essequibo Coast, at around 12:00 hrs.The dead woman,Wholesale China Jerseys, Padawattie Rajkumarie was in the bus with her three children and her husband, Krishna Persaud, when the accident occurred.Her three children are now patients at GPHC. Kaieteur News was unable to visit the children but a source confirmed that they are “stable.”]]> Mon, 18 Dec 2017 03:27:01 GMT <![CDATA[Cheap Jerseys Online Sisters]]> cheap nfl jerseys, the Vice Chairman; Roshan Ramkissoon, of Brothers; Victor Dey; Hemwattie Ramkaran, and Mohamed Azim, all of Lonsdale; and Lilowtie Hussain, Mohanie Bhagwandeen, Deonarine Budhoo and Winston Madramootoo, of Edinburgh.At the installation ceremony, Region Six Chairman Zulfikar Mustapha said that in 1994, 18 persons were elected as councilors, and from that time to now, there were no local government elections. Some of the officers had migrated or lost interest, while others had passed on to the great beyond.For many years, residents in that locale have been asking for the Neighbourhood Democratic Council to be disbanded.On Thursday,Cheap Jerseys Online, Ministerial Advisor within the Ministry of Local Government, Clinton Collymore, said that there are 65 Neighbourhood Democratic Councils in Guyana, and problems exist in all of them.Mr. Collymore expressed gratitude to those councillors who are still on the job. According to him, when local government elections were last held, in 1994, no one could have predicted that so many years would have gone by without another being held.Elections, he said, were not held for various reasons. “It is not that we do not want elections, we want elections…elections were due in 1997, we couldn’t go to those elections, because the general elections came into being in that same year; and according to policy and practice, the major elections have to take precedence.”He said that as a result of the aftermath of the elections in 1997, the local government elections were further postponed.“Those elections were very controversial and they were not accepted by the major opposition party. In 1998, when we wanted to hold elections for local government, the commotion spilled out into the streets — demonstrations…bombs going off, people being shot, looting, arson, massive destruction, threats, we were on the verge of declaring a state of emergency, but the police and security forces were able to deal with that situation.“We couldn’t hold elections then. It was impossible, because herds of people were invading Government offices, and even invading the Elections Commission. The next year, 1999,Cheap Jerseys USA, we planned to hold elections. We couldn’t — the same thing.”According to Mr. Collymore, a task force was established in May 2001 to deal with the reform of local government, and as such, the elections could not be held.He spoke, too, of the opposition’s refusal to use the existing voters’ list.“What was wrong with the list from 2006? The whole world said it was a good list; the elections were free and fair…but these people don’t want elections, and they are prolonging this thing.”Mr. Collymore said that whenever it was on the verge of finalising the Elections Bill, “the PNC (People’s National Congress) people Llewellyn John, Vincent Alexander and Basil Williams, would say some thing is wrong, let us put in another clause.”He said that, according to a report of the task force, it was agreed that the same proportion of the constituents of the dissolved council would be used for the Interim Management Committee.In the case of the Enfield/New Doe Park Interim Management Committee, the situation is different. The Region Six Chairman was tasked with the responsibility of contacting the groups and making requests for them to name their candidates.According to Mr. Collymore,Cheap China Jerseys, the groups indicated that they were not interested, and as such, the new Interim Management Committee is made up of only councillors from the People’s Progressive Party.Late last year, an investigation was launched into allegations levelled against the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Enfield/New Doe Park Neighbourhood Democratic Council. Approximately 50 residents testified on November 29 last year.Twenty-three persons had attached their signatures to the petition. The concerns raised by those residents of areas including Friends, Edinburgh, Sisters, Rotterdam, Enfield, Lonsdale and Brothers Villages existed for a number of years.Other similar supplications were filed in 2006, but no action was taken.The two officers were fired from their posts as foremen of the Drainage and Irrigation Enhancement Programme in April 2007.In February 2007,Cheap Jerseys USA, two Drainage and Irrigation workers had said that, besides their regular tasks, they were ordered to develop a plot of land belonging to the Chairman and Deputy Chairman, and were paid through the Drainage programme.In a statement, the petitioners had cited mismanagement, incompetence, lack of interest and neglect. In addition,Authentic Jerseys Cheap, concerns existed about vital work not being executed.According to Mr. Mustapha, former Chairman Sewkarran Nanhu and his deputy Rishiram Ramkissoon both tendered their letters of resignation in September, citing personal reasons for their decision.According to him, the move to install an Interim Management Committee is to allow for wider participation of residents within the catchment area. He claimed that the depletion of councillors was one of the main reasons the Enfield/New Doe Park Neighbourhood Democratic Council was disbanded. “I hope that those persons making up the IMC will have the development of the NDC at heart…You will have to make sacrifices…At all times, I want you to work in unity…We should not fight among ourselves.”Four persons from the old body were given positions in this new group.]]> Mon, 18 Dec 2017 03:26:09 GMT <![CDATA[Cheap Sittched Jerseys China Charles Caesar]]> MLB Jerseys China Authentic, 43,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, also known as Mamma,NFL Jerseys China, after a long and abusive relationship and countless death threats.Kimilia Freeman – Mother of the childrenThe woman recalled the day that she fled for her life; Caesar had dealt her a sound thrashing and stated that he was going to kill her. She however managed to escape,Cheap Jerseys From China, leaving her 14 year-old son, Junior Smith and thirteen year-old daughter Alizia Smith.The couple once resided at Bent Street,Cheap Baseball Jerseys China, Werk-en-Rust,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, with the children who both attended schools in Georgetown.Freeman related that after her escape she reported the matter to the Alberttown Police Station and later went back with help for the children. To her surprise they were gone. Charles and the children have had no contact with the woman who is now pressing for the public’s assistance in finding them since the police investigation is still on-going.It is believed by the grieving mother that her children may have been taken to either Buxton or Berbice against their will. Caesar is said to have family members including a member of the Guyana Police Force, living in those communities.According to reports, the boy was last seen in Georgetown. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of the two children is asked to contact the Alberttown Police Station or the Nearest Police Station.]]> Mon, 18 Dec 2017 01:50:54 GMT <![CDATA[Cheap NBA Jerseys China For a number of years]]> Cheap China Jerseys Authentic, only one teacher was at the school with the Headteacher and there were 286 children at school. It was craziness there with children pelting stuff and doing all sorts of things. As the treasurer, I told the Headteacher that we can’t continue like tha, so we closed school for the day. We told the Ministry and then they told us to hang in,” said Dhanraj.Kaieteur News understands that a meeting was held on Monday where it was decided that there should be protests to highlight the issue.Jacqueline Simeon, Chairperson of the PTA,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, expressed her disgust about the situation.“This situation we are facing here is very rough. It is so terrible. On Friday,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, I went to the Headteacher Mr. Khemraj because it was pure madness going on in the school with only one teacher and him there. We have been suffering since 2007 and the Ministry cannot get teachers to send in. Presently, we have Grades Two,Wholesale China Jerseys, Four and Six exam classes, which is happening right now. It can’t continue like this. The children will drop back in the work.”This newspaper was further told that only six teachers are presently employed at the Kwakwani Primary. The staffing should have been 13 teachers but for many years this has not been so.The parents and teachers of the school are hoping that the Ministry of Education rectifies this situation since the persons who are really affected are the students.Newly elected Chairman of Region Ten, Sharma Solomon, explained that upon receiving information on Monday that teachers were planning to strike at the said school,Cheap Jerseys Paypal, there was an immediate dispatching of the Regional Executive Officer, Vice- Chairman and Regional Education Officer into the area.He assured that there will be three more teachers to complement the staff at the Kwakwani Primary School in the not too distant future.“Three qualified teachers will be at the school by Thursday (tomorrow). When they (Regional team) return, they will take a high level team into Kwakwani and Ituni and these areas. They will report back what’s happening and we can also sit down with residents to find out what problems they are facing and how we can assist,Cheap Jerseys For Sale,” Solomon said. (Kristen Macklingam)]]> Mon, 18 Dec 2017 01:50:07 GMT <![CDATA[Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale President of GW]]> NFL Jerseys Outlet, residents were in high praise of the outreach. “This is a good thing. Is years now I coming here,” one resident said.Others expressed their gratitude to the Guyana Watch Inc. executives, who according to them are working hard to ‘help out’ persons of meagre means.“I am not saying that we ain’t get hospitals and suh on the Coast, but this thing that them people this doing is a good thing. Me can’t afford to go to the dentist to pull out a teeth. Is nuff money,” Esther Persaud of Anna Regina Housing Scheme said.She told this newspaper that she travelled from Anna Regina to Aurora Village,China NBA Jerseys, some 40 minutes’ drive, in order to get a free medical check-up.“Me old, you know,Cheap Jerseys, and suh me got to make ends meet; me can’t afford to pay for everything,” the 66-year-old woman said.The pediatricians, like the other doctors, also had a day filled with fungal infections and skin rashes among the children they examined.Chatting and sharing out stickers to the children, the three pediatricians on the team encouraged parents to take better care of their kids.“Persons are eating a lot of starchy foods — rice and noodles are all going to cause problems for diabetes. There is also a lot of smoking,China Jerseys Cheap,” Dr. Heather Mahoney told this newspaper.She noted that she, too,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, encouraged her patients to try more substitute ways of cooking the very foods that they eat regularly.Like the other clinics, toothpaste and brushes were distributed to the children that visited the clinics.Meanwhile, President of GWI, Tony Yassin,Wholesale Jerseys US, is again encouraging parents with children who have heart aliments to visit any one of the clinics.Parents are required to take completed medicals when they visit the clinics.The team is currently conducting its 16th annual outreach programme.In 2008/2009, Guyana Watch projects to assist at least 25 children for heart surgeries.The team will be at Wales Primary School today. (Tusika Martin)]]> Mon, 18 Dec 2017 01:49:21 GMT <![CDATA[Wholesale China Jerseys Africa]]> China Jerseys Cheap, he emphasised the need for greater appreciation of Guyanese music as well as cultural music which promoted positivity throughout the nation.According to the singer, there are current struggles in Guyana and the album speaks on what needs to be done to address the issues. As part of his faith,Cheap Jerseys China, Imykal sings about taking a stance against “Babylon”, uplifting oneself and regaining power from the Motherland, Africa,NFL Jerseys China, and her ancestors. He also described his album as “revolutionary and profound”.Imykal’s first album, “Woman of the Black Land” had been launched in 2007. This new album is available for download on iTunes.Meanwhile, the singer further said that support is needed for Guyanese musicians. “The Cooperative Guyana needs to be more supportive of its own Guyanese artistes,” Imykal stressed. He added that the same should apply for local disc jockeys (DJs).“Many of them would make up excuses not to promote their own people,NFL Jerseys From China, claiming the quality was not the best. Well I won’t dispute that fact. But my question is, should we judge all music based on conception?” he questioned.He also questioned whether Guyana’s current radio landscape was doing more harm than good, particularly to the youths of the nation. He opined that these youths’ minds were being “polluted.”“If so, something is really wrong for that shows a great lack and betrayal of professionalism. I hope that the new administration will place their focus more on the content of the music played on the airwaves,Jerseys Cheap Wholesale,” Imykal emphasised.He went on, “We must also remember that leadership is not about domination but about paving the way for others to follow. I truly salute Jamaican radio personalities for their constant support of their artistes. However, Guyanese radio personality and DJs have been following Jamaica, but they don’t seem to capitalize on the rules of engagement; that is your credibility is the evidence of your work. If you can’t show what you have established, then your work is in vain.”He added that radio personalities and selectors must understand their profound role. He nonetheless congratulated those DJs in Guyana who tried to be original and represent Guyanese in the execution of their jobs.He further said that the new government should make it its priority to implement the enforcement of the copyright law with the aim of protecting the artistes and gaining respect for their creative work.A petition aimed at the Government of Guyana and local radio stations was recently launched by the Guyana Music Network (GMN), which represents over 500 Guyanese artistes.The petition is a call to those in radio stations to play more local content. This call was particularly directed towards the National Communications Network (NCN) which the GMN believes is mandated to promote all things Guyanese. The petition seeks to get 50 percent of Guyanese music played on private radio stations while 100 percent for NCN. The petition also seeks to not only get more modern copyright laws but to have these laws enforced.It is hoped that with its success Guyanese musicians will be better represented and respected both nationally and internationally.Rupert Roopnaraine,Wholesale Baseball Jerseys China, Minister of the Ministry of Education, which now has responsibility for Culture, Youth and Sport, recently indicated the necessity of modern Intellectual Property legislation.]]> Mon, 18 Dec 2017 01:48:29 GMT