crian047s Advanced Electron Forum <![CDATA[Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jersey at Third Avenu]]> Wholesale Jerseys Outlet,000 from the dwelling house of two persons.Michael Jackson of Three Miles, Potaro Road is alleged to have stolen from within the dwelling house of Narconi Da Silva the sum of $200,000 belonging to Nellyana Garcia. It was further alleged that Jackson also stole the sum of $720,Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Mens Trainers,000 from within the same premises, property of Gilbert Rodrigues.The incidents allegedly occurred on February 27, at Third Avenue, Bartica.This matter was transferred to the Bartica Magistrate’s Court for March 16, after Jackson pleaded not guilty to the charges read to him by Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan.Attorney Peter Hugh made an application for bail on behalf of Jackson. The lawyer told the court that his client has no previous brushes with the law. According to Hugh,, at the time of the alleged incident Jackson was doing work for Da Silva. He said that two rooms are alleged to have been broken into and police subsequently arrested his client and place him in custody.In addition,WBC Jerseys 2017, Hugh pointed out that the monies mentioned in the charge were not found in his client’s possession nor did he admit to taking it.Police Prosecutor,China Jerseys, Corporal Deniro Jones did not oppose bail for the defendant. However,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, he requested that it be set in a substantial amount.  The prosecutor told the court that the defendant is being investigated in relation to other criminal matters.]]> Mon, 19 Feb 2018 05:55:45 GMT <![CDATA[China Cheap Jerseys consequently]]> Cheap Jerseys Online, 120,000 sheep,Cheap Nike Air Max Wholesale, and 15 million chickens in the country. The country imported Cuban Holstein-Zebu cattle in the mid-1980s in an effort to make it self-sufficient in milk production. By 1987 annual production had reached 32 million litres, or only half the target quantity. Meeting this is still a national goal that is on the agenda of the agriculture sector.Nonetheless, the livestock sub sector today contributes approximately 13.6 percent of the agricultural GDP and 2.8 percent of the total GDP. This sub sector is responsible for the production of poultry meat, eggs, beef, pork, mutton and milk.Livestock production systems are of various forms which include extensive cattle ranching in the savannahs to promote production of beef. There are also small size family farms to promote the production of milk, poultry, small ruminants and pigs.The poultry industry remains one of the single most important industries in the livestock sub sector in terms of employment, contribution to GDP and production.The poultry industry is dualistic in both its spatial location and structure of production. Large scale broiler processors are typically organized on relatively extensive areas that are highly mechanized.There are an estimated 100 independent commercial broiler farms,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, varying in sizes from 95 m2 – 1,600 m2, with the large farms accounting for 4,700 m2. A number of processors contract farmers to supply live birds and these ‘contract grower’ farms account for about 38,100 m2 of farm space. In addition, it is estimated that there are some 3,000 small ‘back yard’ farmers with average sizes of 25 m2.As for the production of pigs, there are approximately 2500 pig farmers, located mainly in Regions Two, Three, Four, Five and Six. The number of pigs reared in Guyana is approximately 200,000 head; production is generally a ‘back yard’ type system, pursued mainly by small farmers as part of an integrated farming system.A few farmers practice large scale commercial swine production with over 100 head of pigs. A wide range of local products and by products are used for feeding pigs, these include commercial feeds, rice bran, copra meal,Wholesale Jerseys China, wheat middling, molasses, fish meal, shrimp meal, kitchen waste and swill.With regard to the small ruminant sector, there are approximately 130,000 head of sheep and 79,000 head of goats. Guyana is one of the countries with the greatest number of sheep within the CARICOM region; however, it is perhaps the country with the lowest production parameters. The carcass dressing weight and other production parameters lag behind those of its Caribbean counterparts.The local sheep stock is predominantly of the Barbados Blackbelly breed type, and the goats Creole. There is an increased demand for breeding animals; consequently, farmers have been importing other exotic breeds of sheep such as the Katahadin and the Dorper, and there is also a programme for the introduction of the Texel. The use of the Boer breed has seen tremendous increases in the goat parametersFurthermore,Cheap Nike Air Max Plus, Guyana is believed to have between 220,000 – 250,000 head of beef and dairy cattle. They are spread mainly in Regions Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Nine and Ten. The principal dairy producing Regions are Two, Three, Four, Five and Six, while the main beef producing regions are Regions Three, Five, Six, Nine and Ten. A 2006 census revealed that the cattle populations of Regions Five and Six were 69,478 and 41,148 head, respectively.In an era where pathogens from animals are entering the oceanic as well as human internal ecosystem, a clear picture has emerged regarding emerging diseases. Man is becoming increasingly concerned about accessing safe, wholesome and affordable food, particularly food emanating from livestock.In an effort to develop the architecture that will support our drive to satisfy this need,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, several entities in livestock were unified under one new arms-length or semi-autonomous agency, the Guyana Livestock Development Authority.The thrust of the agency is to “promote greater efficiency in the livestock product industry and to provide enhanced services in livestock husbandry, livestock health and research, so as to make provision for effective administration and regulation of trade, commerce and export of livestock or livestock products and for matters related and incidental.”As one of the newest agencies under the Ministry of Agriculture, it delivers public services related to animal production, animal health, animal genetics, marketing, training and extension services as well as regulatory services.Several programmes are planned and implemented under GLDA’s mandate. One involves protecting the gains of animal production and genetics through the provision of timely veterinary interventions and minimizing the threat of disease from internal and external sources.Veterinary drugs and the importation of animals are also regulated under this programme. Another programme involves infusing local animal stock with new genetics to enable our farmers to benefit from higher productivity. Techniques of artificial insemination and embryo transfer form part of our regular strategies. Superior genetics is supported by another programme designed to catapult our farmers into higher levels of animal husbandry through better nutrition, housing and access to authentic and validated information.The country’s livestock population is relatively disease-free except for endo- and ecto-parasitic burdens and their associated diseases. Tuberculosis in cattle has been identified in some enclaves. Poultry producers have been experiencing undiagnosed conditions of respiratory ailments and nervous (tremor) syndromes. Pigs and small ruminants continue to be affected by endo-parasitic burdens that have not been evaluated.]]> Mon, 19 Feb 2018 05:50:41 GMT <![CDATA[Jerseys From China no information was received]]> Cheap Stitched Jerseys, following the disappearance of an Air Services Limited (ASL) aircraft which lost contact with authorities shortly after taking off for Karisparu, also in the Potaro-Siparuni region.Missing ASL pilot, Nicky PersaudThe Britten Norman Islander (8R-GHE) said to be carrying the pilot Nicky Persaud, 27 and cargo-handler David Bisnauth 51, lost tower connection about 10 minutes after leaving the take off point. They were said to be carrying mining supplies.According to a release from the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) six aircraft were deployed in the search and rescue mission for the missing aircraft. The release said the “Timehri Air Traffic Control lost communication around noon with the Air Services Ltd Britten Norman Islander 8R-GHE that was operating between Mahdia and Karisparu.”Captain Persaud and Bisnauth, 51,China Jerseys Wholesale, were onboard the twin-engine aircraft which took off from Mahdia at 11:42hours on a routine local cargo flight. The aircraft was scheduled to arrive at Karisparu at 12:00hours.At 16:20hours,holesale Soccer Jerseys, Timehri Air Traffic Control made contact with the aircraft operator to establish whether the aircraft landed before implementing a search and rescue operation. However, no information was received, the aviation authorities said,Cheap Jerseys Online, and the Air Traffic Control commenced the ‘alert phase’ and the Rescue Coordination Center at the Timehri Control Tower was activated.A Britten Norman IslanderIt was stated that two Air Services Ltd. (ASL) Cessna 208 Caravan flying within the area were vectored to commence the search for the aircraft. A Piper Cherokee from Hinterland Aviation and an ASL Bell Helicopter also joined the search.Additionally,Nike NFL Jerseys China, an ASL Caravan departed for Mahdia at 16:16hours with a GDF Special Forces Unit to assist in the search and rescue operation.The search continued until sunset and the two helicopters and Cessna Caravan are at Mahdia waiting to recommence the exercise at sunrise today.Other aircraft from ASL will also depart early this morning to join the forces and take in the GCAA Coordinators and Investigation team. The GDF helicopter is also on standby.  A six hour and 40 minutes search time was logged by four fixed wing aircraft and the two helicopters that participated in the search.ASL’s General Manager Annette Arjoon-Martins told Kaieteur News yesterday that the Company is vigorously pursuing search efforts along with other aviation bodies.She said that ASL immediately dispatched company carriers in search of the missing plane. About half an hour later she said, the company’s helicopters were also dispatched, while the country’s military was placed on standby.While it is still unclear what would have happened to the twin engine carrier and its occupants,Supply NFL Jerseys Factory, officials have speculated that current weather conditions may not be the best suited for flying in that part of the Region.]]> Mon, 19 Feb 2018 05:48:37 GMT <![CDATA[Wholesale Jerseys Federal Management Systems]]> Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Outlet, Federal Management Systems,Jerseys From China, MMC, Bank of Guyana,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, Kalibur, Sentinel Security and Integrated Security Services.  The sessions included instructors like Lt. Col Randy Storm,Cheap Atlanta Falcons Jerseys, Whittington Braithwaite, David Moore, Carlos Beaton and Stanley Leitch.According to GAPSO, the sessions incorporated classroom lectures, discussions,NFL Jerseys China, and practical exercises with courses that covered Public Order Act,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, Orders for Opening Fire, Potential Election related disturbances, and the role of the Private Security during the electoral period.The Association said “Private Security is responsible for thousands of lives and billions of dollars in assets.” The training sessions were designed to augment security officer’s skills with specialty training in effective election security issues.Meanwhile, the Guyana Fire Service carried out a routine “output-test” with fire-tenders and the water cannon, at Square of the Revolution, yesterday, in preparation for elections.Usually the routine tests are conducted at the National Park tarmac; however, renovations are being done at that location for the annual Independence Day celebrations.]]> Mon, 19 Feb 2018 05:45:44 GMT <![CDATA[Cheap NFL Jerseys said.In October last]]> Wholesale Jerseys USA, that of gold trader Kelvin Caines, 42, of Lot 236 Lodge Housing Scheme,Wholesale Jerseys China, Georgetown, who died shortly after he was stabbed at the Stabroek Market Square yesterday.The killing which occurred around 03:30 hrs yesterday pushed the murder rate to 129.According to reports, Caines, a father of two,Wholesale Jerseys, was sitting at the first gate at the Stabroek Market, conducting his normal gold business when a man, who was later identified by family members, approached him with a knife and stabbed the gold trader once, under his left arm and escaped.He was immediately rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) but died while receiving medical assistance.Yesterday, when Kaieteur News arrived at the scene, relatives and police were at loggerhead over the dead man’s scooter which was parked a stone’s throw from where the attacked occurred.Relatives wanted to take the scooter home while investigators requested that it be taken to the police station until the investigation is completed but this apparently angered family members who lambasted the police and who shouted “go find the killer.”There are reports that the dead man had a total of $600,000 with him along with a gold chain but when he was attacked “a woman like she tek half and another man pick up part, but he give the family it. Some other person tek his chain,” a relative who asked to be anonymous said.Although the Stabroek Market is known to be crowded, especially around the Christmas season, no one reportedly saw when the attack occurred; not even the vendors who were just a few steps away from him.The police however did not take “I didn’t see what happen” for the answer, they arrested three vendors and promised to hold them until “somebody talk.”Family members believe that the killing was planned by someone who “probably had an eye” on Caines’s gold. The man who is accused of the killing is said to be a person of unsound mind and well known to the dead man’s family.“His woman who he went living with died only last Saturday and everybody was preparing for the funeral,” a relative, Jacqueline Caines,Wholesale Stitched Jerseys, said.In October last,Authentic Jerseys China, bandits broke into the 42-year-old man’s home and stole $2.8M worth in gold. The dead man’s female associate, who is now dead,Air Max 90 Black And White For Sale, had accused his (Caines) brother and his friend of the robbery and they were both remanded to prison.Early yesterday the 42-year-old man went to court and declined to prosecute his brother but did not do so for his friend. Family members are now trying to solve the puzzle regarding the real motive for the killing since the fatal stabbing occurred a few hours after the man walked out from the court room.Up to late last night the attacker was not still at large but someone spoke about seeing the “culprit” at Tiger Bay.]]> Mon, 19 Feb 2018 05:42:50 GMT <![CDATA[Nike Air Max 1 Mens Shoe to control the crowds]]> Wholesale NHL Jerseys, taking out a firearm, and firing several rounds into the air.Police, according to one patron, immediately surrounded the woman.A police official, who requested anonymity, said that there were quite a number of reports of car break-ins.“It is a worrying situation. We need to relook at security aspects.”But some patrons said that there was nothing much police could have done.“The police ranks at the VIP were largely outnumbered and overwhelmed by the sheer numbers who decided to breach the VIP area. It was too much,Jordan Shoes For Sale,” said a media practitioner who was there.Yesterday, Hits and Jams Entertainment official, Rawle Ferguson, stated that the company intends to ensure that all international artistes understand, as part of their contract, that what happened at the recent show with Movado does not see a recurrence.This includes artistes not urging fans to come on stage,Cheap Jerseys USA, or closer to the stage, as this invariably contributes to confusion.During the Movado show, the promoters said that after the breaches, they were inclined stop the show but the possibility of provoking the crowd at that point, was a key factor in this decision not being carried out.Kerwin Bollers,NFL Jerseys Clearance, of Hits and Jams Entertainment, had last month admitted to the media that they could have managed security a little better for the Jamzone Summer Break.He had disclosed that the security barricades,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, to control the crowds, were shipped from Trinidad and Tobago, but obviously these were not enough.Yesterday, Ferguson told Kaieteur News that the entertainment company definitely will be meeting with police to improve security measures for future shows.“This will include more police.” The promoters have said that they have apologized to patrons who complained of being robbed.Following the Movado show, American R&B artiste Ne-Yo, who performed on August 21, was cautioned by the company not to make any suggestive calls that could see the crowds coming to the stage.Commissioner of Police, Henry Greene,cheap jerseys, had reportedly said that it is common to see a spike in petty crimes when there are shows of this magnitude.Under regulations, promoters of concerts have to meet with police and provide detailed requests of security needs, including the number of ranks.]]> Mon, 19 Feb 2018 03:36:57 GMT <![CDATA[Cheap Soccer Jerseys s Court]]> Cheap NFL Jerseys China, before Magistrate Nigel Hawke. On trial for the murder is her reputed husband Gladstone Williamson.Since the PI commenced on Monday Edwards’s daughter Kerry- Ann Edwards,Jerseys NFL China, 14,Cheap NFL Jerseys, and the woman’s niece Samantha Charles 16,China NFL Jerseys, gave evidence in chief about what happened on the day in question. The two children were also allegedly attacked by Williamson. They received injuries and had to be hospitalized.The woman’s sister Jane Benn also gave evidence about a post mortem examination which she witnessed. They were all cross examined by Police Inspector Donna Grant-Fraser. Today two more witnesses are expected to give evidence in the matter.According to neighbours,Jordan Sneakers For Sale, the 31-year-old victim had moved out of her Angoy’s Avenue home to escape abuse at the hands of Williamson.The woman collapsed and died on a neighbour’s front stairs.Edwards had worked as a vendor at the New Amsterdam stelling.At the time of her death Edwards had been occupying an apartment at Ithaca with her daughter Kerry and niece Samantha, as well as two smaller children she had borne for Williamson,Wholesale Football Jerseys, six year old Gladstone Jr. and five-year-old Althea. The two small children were unharmed.]]> Mon, 19 Feb 2018 03:36:13 GMT <![CDATA[Nike Air Max 2018 CLICO]]> Blank Arsenal Jersey UK, General Manager of the National Insurance Scheme (NIS), Doreen Nelson,David Njoku Jersey, is set to resume her duties.NIS’ General Manager, Doreen NelsonThe NIS boss yesterday withdrew her resignation after reportedly clashing with her Board of Directors on Tuesday over a number of decisions taken at the forum.A short statement from the government yesterday merely said that Dr. Ashni Singh,Cheap NFL Jerseys From China, Minister of Finance,Nike Huarache Shoes For Sale, has “just received and accepted Ms. Doreen Nelson’s letter withdrawing the notice of her resignation as the General Manager” of NIS.The statement offered no other explanation why Nelson, one of the longest serving employees of the state-owned social fund,Nike NFL Jerseys China, resigned.Government sources said she had refused to carry out directives issued by the Board overtime and during a meeting Tuesday, the matter came to a head and she handed in her resignation.Well-placed sources said that there were a number of meetings at NIS and with government to find a way out, following her temporary departure.NIS officials were mum on Tuesday on the issue and its public relations office remained silent.Nelson had declined comment also.The resignation would have come at a time when NIS is facing a public discussion for ways in which the fund could increase its revenues if it wants to continue to be profitable.Dwindling contributions and rising expenditures have prompted a critical,Cheap Football Jerseys, periodical review to warn that the fund could run into serious trouble in less than a decade unless actions are taken immediately to raise its revenue base.With many pensioners and the country’s workforce depending on NIS for spectacles and other coverage for medical bills, the worry level has been rising for both Government and the population.A $6B investment in the failed insurance giant, CLICO, has not helped NIS finances.Despite the billions it has in its reserves, it is non-compliance from a significant part of the workforce to remit their mandatory dues that also has been contributing to the situation.Government has been keeping a tight hold on NIS with its Chairman being Dr. Roger Luncheon, Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Presidential Secretariat.The Opposition has called for his sacking.NIS has investments in the Berbice Bridge, among other places.]]> Mon, 19 Feb 2018 03:35:18 GMT <![CDATA[Jerseys NFL Wholesale he is a good man? de man]]> Wholesale China Jerseys, would have certainly created more terror.Word is out that the gang was planning to carry out a major heist this month end at a wedding on the West Coast Demerara, where several overseas guests were expected to attend.Kaieteur News understands that the heist was being organized by Fazeel Bacchus called Javed, one of the taxi drivers rounded up by police during a sweep last week, which led to the death of gang leader Rolston Morrison and the arrest of several of his accomplices.Bacchus was setting up his accomplices to rob his own relatives since the wedding involved a member of his family.This came out during interrogation of both him and fellow taxi driver Lennox Roberts as they continue to implicate each other in what investigators are now finding out was an elaborate scheme of well organized robberies primarily along the West Coast of Demerara.According to a source, who was a part of the interrogating team, following the killing of Regent Multiplex boss Ganesh Ramlall, some gang members who were no part of that operation, expressed disappointment that they were not involved in the action.But Bacchus reportedly told them not to worry, that he had bigger plans for them.He told them of a family wedding that was coming up this month-end where a number of overseas guests were scheduled to attend.“Tell dem that he got some uncles who coming fuh de wedding. One ah dem rich, rich. He tell dem dey gon deh good,” the source said. But of course the plan fell apart following last week’s police operations. Bacchus is no stranger to organising robberies.Investigators are expected to charge him in connection with Ganesh Ramall’s murder, since statements obtained so far point directly to his role as the main organiser.Both he and Roberts confessed that the attack on Regent Multiplex owner, Ganesh Ramlall, called Boyo, was hatched two months ago.While they have not provided investigators with the names of the bandits they transported, they gave some details of the plan to attack Ramlall.“After they came up with the plan, they had to get people to execute it. So they contacted Saddam (Rolston Morrison) who was killed on Tuesday and his crew,Wholesale Jerseys From China,” a police source told this newspaper.The plan was not to kill but to rob, and if they did not get enough money from Ramlall, they were to kidnap him and demand a hefty ransom.“They were to tie him up in the house and relieve him of everything,” the source said.Bacchus, 21, had confessed to transporting the gunmen who killed Ramlall.He said that he was aided by another taxi driver, who he identified as Roberts, called ‘Soldier Man.’Bacchus said that on the night of the attack on Ramlall, he was at a city night club,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, but was in constant telephone contact with ‘Soldier Man’, who was at the bar-b-que at Cornelia Ida, West Coast Demerara, monitoring the movements of Ramlall, who was also at the event.He said that ‘Soldier Man’ kept him informed via telephone about Ramlall’s movements.Bacchus said that he was instructed to pick up some men, one from “Buddys” and the two others at Agricola.He took the men to La Jalousie and dropped them off near Ramlall’s home.He then went to Cornelia Ida where he picked up ‘Soldier Man’ and left the bar-b-que where the businessman continued drinking.They then headed back to La Jalousie where their accomplices were waiting.The bandits concealed themselves in a bushy empty lot next to Ramlall’s home,Air Max 97 Undefeated For Sale, while they waited for him to arrive.One resident claimed that he saw four men making their way towards Ramlall’s house with the aid of a flashlight, but did not take it for anything serious.Ramlall eventually arrived, left his vehicle outside, entered the bottom flat,Nike Air Max 97 Buy, spoke to his wife and then went back outside to use an outdoor washroom. When he came outside, the men attacked him, and riddled him with bullets when he raised an alarm and fought back. They then fled with some of his jewellery.The taxi driver said he heard the gunshots and the bandits breathlessly jumped into his car and ordered him to drive.He said he drove along the rough La Jalousie ‘line top’ and emerged at Crane Public Road. He then headed back over the Demerara Harbour Bridge, where he dropped off the killers, two in Agricola and another at Diamond before returning with ‘Soldier Man’ to the West Coast Demerara bar-b-que venue.Bacchus said he dropped off ‘Soldier Man’ and he went home.The two were arrested on Tuesday last, a day after police smashed the gang that was behind a recent spate of killings and violent robberies and immediately they began implicating each other.“They were rowing about who set it up,” a police source said.According to the source, Roberts told detectives that it was Bacchus who brought up the subject about attacking Ramlall with a view to robbing him.Roberts reportedly claimed that he had initially objected to the plan, since he knew Ramlall well.“He said, ‘No, nah he, he is a good man… de man (Ramlall) does bless up everybody when he come around’,” the source said.Nevertheless, the plan went through and according to detectives, Roberts eventually went along with it, playing the role of lookout at the bar-b-que that Ramlall had attended hours before he went home to his death.On Tuesday last, the Guyana Police Force SWAT team-led an operation on an apartment building at Craig that left ringleader Rolston Morrison dead, and another suspect and a police rank wounded.Police had issued a wanted bulletin for the 29-year-old in connection with the murder of Dwayne Kennedy, who was gunned down at the Golden Grove Market on March 14, 2015.Morrison’s last known addresses were given as Nabaclis, East Cost Demerara; Agricola, Georgetown; and Providence, East Bank Demerara.Another suspect, identified as Warren Mackenzie, 22, of Brutus Street, Agricola, was shot in the stomach. He was admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. Mackenzie was previously charged for armed robbery when he was 19. A constable from the SWAT unit was shot in the thigh. His condition is stable.A 9mm. Glock pistol with two magazines and 25 matching rounds along with two wrist watches that are suspected to have been stolen have been recovered by the police,.  A number of 9mm. spent shells were recovered at the scene.One of the men in custody later confessed that he was a part of the gang that invaded the home of Nicola Pierre last week.The confession came as gang members continue to snitch on one another.Police sources said that one of the detainees known as ‘Hulk’, put himself and at least two others at the scene of the attack on Commissioner of Title Nicola Pierre, and her husband, Mohamed Chand.Kaieteur News was told that ‘Hulk’ claimed that Rolston Morrison, called ‘Mappy’ or ‘Sadam’, and Warren Mackenzie, of Brutus Street, Agricola,Authentic China Jerseys, were with him when Mrs. Pierre and Mr. Mohamed were battered and robbed. At least six men reportedly participated in that robbery.Hulk reportedly told investigators that he and Mackenzie were lookouts, while Morrison and others went into Pierre’s house.Ballistics tests reportedly showed that the Glock 9mm pistol was used to kill Ramlall, and in the attack on Pierre and her husband.]]> Mon, 19 Feb 2018 03:34:19 GMT <![CDATA[Cheap Air Max Shoes For Sale Abena Rockcliffe]]> Chile Jersey, some seven months after the Tenth Parliament was prorogued by former President, Donald Ramotar.President David GrangerThe proclamation is in keeping with Article 69 (1) of the Constitution, which stipulates that each session of Parliament shall begin at the time that the President appoints by proclamation.The National Assembly, the most important arm of Parliament, will meet at 14:00hrs.The business of the sitting will include the election of the Speaker and Deputy-Speaker of the House, and the swearing in of all Members of Parliament.The sitting will then be suspended to facilitate the arrival of the President who will inspect the Guard of Honour,Nike Shox Men Clearance, in the forecourt of the Public Buildings compound,Jerseys NFL Cheap, and then address the National Assembly.On Monday,Nike Air Max 2018 Womens, two days before Parliament is convened,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, Clerk of the National Assembly, Sherlock Isaacs, will meet with the new Members of Parliament to brief them on parliamentary practices and procedures and to discuss their privileges and entitlements.Parliament was prorogued on November 10, last.  Ramotar made the decision to prorogue the Parliament to avoid an Alliance For Change (AFC)-sponsored no-confidence Motion which would have been supported by A Partnership for National Unity.Ramotar had said that he prorogued the Parliament for “, meaningful” consultations with the then opposition which was made up of APNU and the AFC. But the opposition was adamant that it was not going to haveFormer President, Donald Ramotartalks with the government outside of Parliament.Eventually, after leaving parliament in a state of prorogation, for at least two months,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, Ramotar, on 24th February dissolved the Tenth Parliament. He then set a date for elections, May 11, and up to that date remained “extremely confident” that he would have been re-elected with a Parliamentary two-thirds majority.But Ramotar’s faith in himself was shattered, as his fate was to lose the elections.Even after the Guyana Elections Commission declared David Granger as President, Ramotar refused to accept defeat.Even though the official proclamation has been made to convene the Eleventh Parliament, Ramotar’s Party—the People’s Progressive Party/Civic—is yet to give GECOM its list of Members of Parliament.   (Abena Rockcliffe)]]> Mon, 19 Feb 2018 03:33:28 GMT